Protostrike tutorials


3 kind of attacks

In Protostrike, you can perform three different kind of attacks.; Rapid Attack, Charged Attack and Special Attack. You use the primary Attack Button to perform both  Rapid Attacks and Charged Attacks. Next to it, you'll find the Special Attack Button. for Special Attacks.  Please note that even you use the same buttons to perform the different kind of attacks in Protostrike, the mechanics for an attack may differ depending on the weapon. 

Rapid Attack: Tap the attack button once or repeatedly to perform Rapid Attacks. It deals a moderate amount of damage and is hard to avoid by dashing but it can't hit players on high grounds. 

Charged Attack: Holding the Attack Button will charge your attacks. The Charged Attack will go off automatically after a short delay, but it can be released as soon as the three arrows lit up. Charge Attacks are usually more powerful and they ignore high ground differences.  

Special Attack:  While having unlimited ammo for both Rapid and Charged Attacks, you'll need to find ammo on the maps before launching a Special Attack. The different weapon categories has its own kind of Special Attack. For example, all Assault Rifles fires a grenade that deals a lot of damage to all enemies in the area while the Repeater Rifles fires a highly damaging shot in a straight line, ignoring walls and other obstacle collisions. 

Some boosters in Protostrike can increase attack damage or give you other advantages when performing an attack.


4 weapon categories

Protostrike over 20 weapons, divided in 4 weapon categories.  While all weapons have the same setup of Rapid, Charged and Special Attacks, they work differently between the archetypes – Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun and Repeater Rifle. Additionally, each weapon has a unique ability.

Assault Rifle:  A great all-round weapons. The range is good and the damage is reliable.  Assault Rifle has its own mechanic for  charge attacks. You can release the button before reaching three arrows and still deal an increased amount of damage. None of the other weapons work like this. The Special Attack fire a grenade that deals a lot of damage to all enemies in the area.

Shotgun: The Shotgun have the shortest range, so you need to stay close to your opponents to be effective.  The Rapid Attack deals damage in a cone, damaging all enemies hit and the Charged Attack deals high damage to a single target.  the amount of damage you deal with the Shotgun depends on your distance to the target. The Shotgun Special Attack affect single targets and deal moderate direct damage and the effect of the special vary from weapon to weapon. 

Handgun: The Handgun are the most mobile weapons. Since they lack the movement speed penalty while charging that the other weapons suffer from, it's easier to move in and out of combat and position yourself favorably.  You are free to move or even dash and jump while performing the Charged and Special Attack.  The Charged Attack fire a burst of three shots, the first one dealing the highest amount of damage, and then declining over the next two. The Special Attack fire a salvo of 8 or 10 shots in a quick succession, dealing massive damage.

Repeater Rifle: Repeater Rifles have the longest range of all the weapons in the game.  The Charged Attacks are single target attacks that deal moderate damage, but every time you hit, you will charge your weapon, marked by the counter at your character's feet. For each charge, the charge time of attacks will be decreased, up to three times, at which point you can repeatedly press the Attack Button to deliver Charged Attacks at a constant rate. If you fail to connect a shot within a few seconds, you will however lose your charges and be forced to start over. The Repeater Rifle Special Attack fires a highly damaging shot in a straight line and hits several targets at once. It ignores obstacle collisions, so you can easily hit your enemies on the other side of a wall or building.


the Dash buttons three mechanics

One of the most crucial components of the game is the Dash button. It increases your mobility and combat prowess. We have built in three kind of mechanics in the dash button; dash away from attacks, jumping onto buildings and sprinting. The Dash Button has 2 charges and it is up to you to use them wisely while choosing what mechanics you'll perform.  You can refill your dash meter by picking up charges on the maps. 

Dash: Tap the Dash Button to lunge away from your enemy. Every time you dash your character will be invulnerable for a short amount of time. By learning how to read your opponent you can evade their attacks and avoid lethal damage. Dashing can also remove some deadly debuffs from booster. You can regenerate the dash meter quicker by adding mobility boosters to your combat setup. 

Jump: Dashing will allow you to jump up and between structures. Scaling structures offers practical advantages, as players' Rapid Attacks can't hit enemies that has the high ground advantage. You can find signs on the map matching your dash button to show you where you can dash to jump up or between structures. 

Sprint: By holding down the dash button your hero will start to sprint. It can needed when approaching a distance enemy or a lifesaver when you're getting low on health.  

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