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Protostrike is a fast-paced multiplayer game that offers you a real-time experience. You’ll engage with players from all over the world, in the greatest handheld adrenaline-rush to date. Protostrike is currently soft launched on App Store  in a few selected countries as we move forward toward a global launch.

about protostrike

The real-time PvP shooter

Protostrike redefines the shooter genre for mobile, with controls you’ll grasp instantly, and addictive three-minute battles leave you hungry for more. Choose a hero, grab a weapon, and shoot and dash your way through the competition in thrilling deathmatches. Hone your skills and rise to the top in this real-time PvP mobile game.

Intense 3-minute matches

It will be a fierce struggle to end up as the winner during the intense 3-minute matches in Protostrike. You’ll need to time your attacks to take down the enemy at the same time you dash across the maps to avoid damage. Your adrenaline will be pumping and leave you hungry for more.  

Find answers to your questions

Turn to our FAQ page to find answers about Game-play, Beta Testing, and In-App Purchasing/Billing. Here you can find guidance on how to report bugs and technical issues.


Try new features

Throughout the process of Protostrike, our testers have been a big part of the success. We still need dedicated testers to continue developing the game. As a Prototester, you get to try new features and changes before they are released and discuss your feedback directly with us in the dev team.