Working on a new and improved Protostrike

Even if we've been silent for a while, we haven't been lazy. We're working hard on improving Protostrike. The coming changes will almost transform Protostrike to a new game! 

The core will remain the same, so you will still get the intense gaming experience, but you'll get more strategic options. From how you chose to optimize your loadout to your performance in-game, you can now affect the match result more than ever. 

With so many changes, we can't release bits of it. We need to wait until details are done to give you the best gaming experience. That is why it takes time, and why you must keep on waiting.

We still don't have a final date for when the new update will arrive, but we are ready to be more open and share what we're working on to you an insight into the development. You'll hear about game modes, passive abilities, utilities and much more.

Another post covering game modes will show up later today and we hope you will enjoy the changes we're working with.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Level Eight Crew


Level Eight