Pre-release of coming update to our testers

We’re working on a major update for Protostrike. We’ve now come so far into the development, we can give our tester a pre-release. It includes: 


Team Death Match

  • Replaced the Free-for-All game mode you have been playing so far with "Team Deathmatch".

  • In order to evaluate this new game mode, we want as many players as possible to try it and therefore it will be the only game mode available.

  • 2 teams, with 4 players each, will compete in an intense 3-minute match. The team with the most kills when the match is over will become the winner.



  • Added 2 new characters; Jack and Vox

  • Removed class restriction, meaning all characters can use all weapons and boosters.


Crafting Removed

  • To simplify/streamline the player experience we've decided to remove crafting entirely. Crafting materials are therefore not included as match rewards or in cases.

  • The crafting material you have left in your inventory will be turned into coins as a compensation.



  • Added weapon categories; assault rifle, shotgun, handguns and repeater rifle.   

  • Every weapon category contains 6 weapons.

  • Weapons have unique abilities.

  • Removed class restrictions. All characters will now be able to use all weapons.

  • In the pre-release, we’ll use placeholders for the graphics and special effects.



  • Added new boosters.

  • Boosters no longer have to be crafted. You will instead buy them directly in the store and each booster purchase will give you one charge to use in one match.

  • Removed class restrictions. All characters will now be able to use all boosters.

  • Boosters will now scale with your level.

Level Eight