Back from vacation

HI everyone, 
We're back after a well earned, and well needed, 4 weeks long vacation. The first day back we sat down for a long meeting, to plan how to move on with Protostrike. Here follows a short update: 

We're planning on doing some major improvements in Protostrike. We cannot say yet what they are, but more news will follow in a couple of weeks. Just trust us, you will like them!

Before our vacation, we released an update for iOS and we know Android testers are waiting for it. However, due to the changes, it is not a priority since it will delay the bigger update we're working on. We understand it can feel a bit frustrating to wait even longer, but it will be worth it in the end when you get to play the even better version of Protostrike.

We'll not invite more testers before the new content is released on the test servers. We need people looking at the game with fresh eyes since it will contain new content. 

Level Eight