Protostrike Beta version 2 has been released

Protostrike Beta version 2 Patch Notes:


  • New Map – Sanctum
  • New in-game tutorial
  • 9 new Mods available
  • You can now link your account to Facebook & Game Center. Doing so will ensure you will not lose your progress if you uninstall or switch between devices.
  • Warbird voice set


  • Weapon feature – charging attacks affect the player with a slight negative movement speed penalty. Handguns are unaffected.
  • Handguns balancing
    • Decreased damage
    • Increased range
  • Repeater Rifle balancing
    • Slightly reduced damage
    • Easier to reach full charge, harder to maintain full charge
  • Shotgun balancing
    • Reduced damage
  • Auto attacks have been disabled


  • General graphical optimizations
  • A sound effect is now played every time you score a kill. You will love that sound. You will crave that sound.
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor audio tweaks to allow players to hear your character's voice more clearly.
  • Bux fixes
Level Eight