Protostrike Alpha Test version 4 has been released


  • We added the button “Play Again” after finishing a match.
  • Assault Rifle is now default for all characters and classes.
  • Handgun, a new weapon has been added.
  • The “Store” tab has been added.
  • You can now earn Elite Components. These are used when upgrading equipment.


  • Earn Encrypted Cases from playing matches. These contain greater rewards but takes a while to decrypt before they can be opened.
  • Premium Fabricators have been added to Encrypted Cases. These allow you to craft more things simultaneously, but will be destroyed after being used 3 times.
  • Match cases are no longer used. You will instead receive all rewards in the post-game screen after finishing a match.


  • Equipment can now be upgraded to level 10. As a result, level 1 equipment is now weaker than previous alpha.
  • Mods can now come in three qualities. Each quality improves on the durability and effect of the mod.
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