First phase of Alpha test has begun

We want to thank all those who have registered as Alpha tester for our upcoming mobile game Protostrike. We're overwhelmed by the great interest you've shown. We could never have anticipated that so many wanted to test our game. In fact, because of this, we have now a waiting list for this first phase of the Alpha test.

As you might remember when signing up, the Alpha test consists of two phases. During this first phase, the game is available for iPhones and iPads. The next phase is scheduled for April and we're also open up for Android devices. If you registered, you'll recieve more information through email.

Each server can only handle a limited amount of players. To optimize the gaming experience, we therefore let testers in gradually. When we notice the servers can handle it, we'll let more players in. To make it as fair as possible, we'll go after the registration order. Our hope is, of course, all those who have registered will get the opportunity to test Protostrike.

If you didn’t get accepted to the first phase, you'll be first in line to the second Alpha test phase. In comparison, we'll have more servers open during the second phase and can let more players in to the game.

If you wish to become an Alpha tester, you can still sign up here on the webpage.

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