Update is here!

We have updated the test version: 

 New skins for every hero have been added.

New skins for every hero have been added.


  • Charge attack is automatically released after 0,5 seconds.  
  • In-game effects have been added to all weapons.
  • Inferno repeater rifle has been nerfed. 


  • Sensor-related booster effects have been removed. 
  • Increased bleed damage for "Close Combat" and "Shrapnel Pulse". 
  • Increased haste for "Sprinter".
  • Increased the time for "Frost Ammo" and "Disruption Ammo" effect.
  • Updated icons for boosters. 


  • Notification icons now let you know when a new weapon, booster, armor or upgrade has been unlocked. 
  • New skins for all characters have been added.
  • Boosters and armor have been updated with icons.
  • Sensor towers have been completely removed, along with any sensor-related booster effects. 
  • Various balance and progression changes have been implemented.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks.
Level Eight