Pre-release of coming update to our testers

We’re working on a major update for Protostrike. We’ve now come so far into the development, we can give our tester a pre-release. It includes: 


Team Death Match

  • Replaced the Free-for-All game mode you have been playing so far with "Team Deathmatch".

  • In order to evaluate this new game mode, we want as many players as possible to try it and therefore it will be the only game mode available.

  • 2 teams, with 4 players each, will compete in an intense 3-minute match. The team with the most kills when the match is over will become the winner.



  • Added 2 new characters; Jack and Vox

  • Removed class restriction, meaning all characters can use all weapons and boosters.


Crafting Removed

  • To simplify/streamline the player experience we've decided to remove crafting entirely. Crafting materials are therefore not included as match rewards or in cases.

  • The crafting material you have left in your inventory will be turned into coins as a compensation.



  • Added weapon categories; assault rifle, shotgun, handguns and repeater rifle.   

  • Every weapon category contains 6 weapons.

  • Weapons have unique abilities.

  • Removed class restrictions. All characters will now be able to use all weapons.

  • In the pre-release, we’ll use placeholders for the graphics and special effects.



  • Added new boosters.

  • Boosters no longer have to be crafted. You will instead buy them directly in the store and each booster purchase will give you one charge to use in one match.

  • Removed class restrictions. All characters will now be able to use all boosters.

  • Boosters will now scale with your level.

Back from vacation

HI everyone, 
We're back after a well earned, and well needed, 4 weeks long vacation. The first day back we sat down for a long meeting, to plan how to move on with Protostrike. Here follows a short update: 

We're planning on doing some major improvements in Protostrike. We cannot say yet what they are, but more news will follow in a couple of weeks. Just trust us, you will like them!

Before our vacation, we released an update for iOS and we know Android testers are waiting for it. However, due to the changes, it is not a priority since it will delay the bigger update we're working on. We understand it can feel a bit frustrating to wait even longer, but it will be worth it in the end when you get to play the even better version of Protostrike.

We'll not invite more testers before the new content is released on the test servers. We need people looking at the game with fresh eyes since it will contain new content. 

New Android test version is live

Hi Prototester, 

We have now launched the new test version for Android. It means you can once again play Protostrike. If your device doesn't update the game automatically, visit the store and start the update. 

We thank you for your patience while we developed this version. 

iOS Soft Launch

Today we soft launched Protostrike on AppStore (iPhone and iPad) in Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands. We are planning on soft launching on Google Play within a couple of weeks. 

Beta testers living in the selected countries can use both the AppStore version of the game and TestFlight version. You need separated accounts for each version since they are not connected with each other.

As a tester, you will get access to, what could become, new features before we launch it on the official version. You will also get access to our Discord server, which we use for direct contact with our testers to discuss what you wish to see in Protostrike. You can of course sign up to become a tester no matter where you live. If you wish to try Protostrike before it reaches your country, sign up here

We will continue switching between EU and US servers every 12 hours. for the AppStore version however, we will only use servers in EU. 

More details regarding Android version will come shortly. 

Important: We wiped your progress

Hi Prototester,
As you've been notified about in earlier emails, your progress has now been wiped. Next time you play, you need to create a new account, even if you linked it to Facebook or Game Center. 

If you are having trouble logging in, make sure you have downloaded the newest version from TestFlight (iOS beta testers). Android testers won't be able to play until we release a new version for the devices. It is a couple of days away. The version you have now, is the same as the coming soft launch version. In the future, you will be able to test features before it get launched. 

- Redid main screen layout.
- Added weekly leaderboards.
- Redid post-game screen.
- All-new tutorial.
- Added warm-up round before matchmaking.

- New icons for materials, blueprints and mods/equipment.
- Premium cases now available.
- Encrypted case timer can now be decremented by 45 minutes by viewing an ad.

News for iOS testers: 
- Free in-app purchases. You still have to go through the buying progress (entering password and confirming purchase) but you won't get charged. 


Android Beta Version Live

Today was a big day for us. We sent out the first invites to the Android version of Protostrike's closed beta. When we have seen that everything works smoothly, we will invite more Android players to the game. If you haven't sign up yet, now is the time to do it. You will next in line to receive an invite!

Sign up here!

Protostrike Beta version 2 has been released

Protostrike Beta version 2 Patch Notes:


  • New Map – Sanctum
  • New in-game tutorial
  • 9 new Mods available
  • You can now link your account to Facebook & Game Center. Doing so will ensure you will not lose your progress if you uninstall or switch between devices.
  • Warbird voice set


  • Weapon feature – charging attacks affect the player with a slight negative movement speed penalty. Handguns are unaffected.
  • Handguns balancing
    • Decreased damage
    • Increased range
  • Repeater Rifle balancing
    • Slightly reduced damage
    • Easier to reach full charge, harder to maintain full charge
  • Shotgun balancing
    • Reduced damage
  • Auto attacks have been disabled


  • General graphical optimizations
  • A sound effect is now played every time you score a kill. You will love that sound. You will crave that sound.
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor audio tweaks to allow players to hear your character's voice more clearly.
  • Bux fixes

Protostrike Beta version 1 has been released


  • New map - Smuggler Docks
  • New Pre & Post-game scenes
  • More testers have been invited and we will now continuously invite more testers as they apply
  • Class restrictions for Mods and Equipment now work as intended


  • Now properly displays class restrictions
  • It is now possible to skip crafting timers
  • You can now buy additional premium incubators from the crafting screen


  • Various optimizations have been made to improve performance on devices


Protostrike Alpha Test version 4 has been released


  • We added the button “Play Again” after finishing a match.
  • Assault Rifle is now default for all characters and classes.
  • Handgun, a new weapon has been added.
  • The “Store” tab has been added.
  • You can now earn Elite Components. These are used when upgrading equipment.


  • Earn Encrypted Cases from playing matches. These contain greater rewards but takes a while to decrypt before they can be opened.
  • Premium Fabricators have been added to Encrypted Cases. These allow you to craft more things simultaneously, but will be destroyed after being used 3 times.
  • Match cases are no longer used. You will instead receive all rewards in the post-game screen after finishing a match.


  • Equipment can now be upgraded to level 10. As a result, level 1 equipment is now weaker than previous alpha.
  • Mods can now come in three qualities. Each quality improves on the durability and effect of the mod.

Protostrike Alpha Test version 2 has been released.

A new version of the Protostrike Alpha has been sent to testers. If you have been invited to the Alpha test, make sure to check your Testflight App for updates!

These are the significant changes that we have introduced:

  • New weapon: The Repeater Rifle
  • Dynamic Music
  • Graphical updates
  • Addressed various balancing issues
  • Increased performance and stability
  • Various bug fixes

New server hours

We decided to change the times for when the servers are online, since we noticed a large amount of our Alpha testers were from USA. We wanted them to gain better access to the game. The servers are now available during these hours:

  • European server: 16:00 - 20:00 CET time zone.
  • US server: 4 PM - 8 PM PST time zone, 7 PM - 11 PM EST time zone.

Remember, you can choose which server region you connect to. Even if the servers are offline, you can still access the game menu.

First phase of Alpha test has begun

We want to thank all those who have registered as Alpha tester for our upcoming mobile game Protostrike. We're overwhelmed by the great interest you've shown. We could never have anticipated that so many wanted to test our game. In fact, because of this, we have now a waiting list for this first phase of the Alpha test.

As you might remember when signing up, the Alpha test consists of two phases. During this first phase, the game is available for iPhones and iPads. The next phase is scheduled for April and we're also open up for Android devices. If you registered, you'll recieve more information through email.

Each server can only handle a limited amount of players. To optimize the gaming experience, we therefore let testers in gradually. When we notice the servers can handle it, we'll let more players in. To make it as fair as possible, we'll go after the registration order. Our hope is, of course, all those who have registered will get the opportunity to test Protostrike.

If you didn’t get accepted to the first phase, you'll be first in line to the second Alpha test phase. In comparison, we'll have more servers open during the second phase and can let more players in to the game.

If you wish to become an Alpha tester, you can still sign up here on the webpage.