FAQ: Gameplay  



How do I attack?

Hit the Attack button for Rapid Attack and hold it down for a Charge Attack. Hold down the Special Attack Button to perform a Special Attack. Different weapons will do a different amount of damages.

How do I perform a Special Attack?

For Special Attacks, you first need ammo. You can find them on the maps and in Drop Crates. Then press the Special Attack Button to fire it. Different weapons have different kinds of Special Attacks.

What is the Dash Button for?

You can avoid taking damage from enemy attacks when dashing. Secondly, dashing makes you get onto higher grounds. Last, holding the Dash Button when it is charged makes you sprint so you can chase after, or run away from you enemies.  

How can I escape from my enemies?

Hold down the dash button, when it's charged, to start running in and regain health.

How do I open Drop Crates on a map during a match?

Stand near the Drop Crate and wait for the opening animation to finish. You'll automatically be granted health and ammo. Allies within the Drop Crate Radius will also recieve a Special Attack Ammo.  

Why should I use boosters?

Boosters enhance your performance or impair your enemy. You should use a booster that complements your play style.

Which weapon is the best?

We offer different kinds of weapons to suit different play styles. The best weapon is the one that matches your style the best.

Why do I miss my target?

If your enemy is on a high ground, while you're standing on a lower level, your Rapid Attacks will miss. Make sure you're on the same height with no obstacles in your way.

I’m dying a lot during matches, why?

Sounds like you get caught up in the fight. Try dashing to avoid damage and disengage so you can regenerate health to survive longer.

Report an abusive player

If you come across an abusive player (example; abusive username or language) you turn to us by emailing support@leveleight.se and our community manager will help you. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the situation in your email.