Battle it out in intense real-time combat!

Protostrike redefines the shooter genre for mobile, with controls you’ll grasp instantly and addictive three-minute battles that leave you hungry for more. Choose a hero, grab a weapon, and shoot and dash your way through the competition in thrilling eight-player death matches. Protostrike is a fast-paced online arena shooter, where players around the world engage in intense REAL-TIME combat. Hone your skills and rise to the top in the greatest handheld adrenaline rush to date.

Download now from the AppStore

If you live in Sweden, Denmark or Netherlands you can download the soft launch release from the AppStore. Otherwise, you can sign up to become a tester and get access to coming features before anyone else. As a tester, you will be able to communicate directly with us and be a big part of the development.   

The visuals behind Protostrike are truly phenomenal, especially that when you jump you see different elevation levels on-screen.
It’s an impressive game that manages to pack near-console/PC quality competitive arena combat onto mobile devices.
We’ve got a ton of MOBAs but not many Arena shooters. ProtoStrike, though, is getting ready to join the revolution.